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Google Calendar events can now be seen in Google Maps

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Google Maps has always tried to make it easier to get from one place to another, and its latest update will make it easier for users to find their way to a scheduled event.

The Google Maps team has teamed up with the Google Calendar team to make Calendar events viewable within Maps. You can also navigate to your event’s location inside of Google Maps.

When you enter a new event, you’ll need to make sure to enter the address for where you’re going in the “Where” box. You’ll also have to be signed into Google Maps and Google Calendar to get the feature to work. It’s easy to see a list of upcoming events, too, each of which can be accessed and the address brought up for easy navigation, by accessing the side menu and selecting “Your Places.” Once inside, choose the “Upcoming” option, and a list of events will show up.

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Source: Google Blog

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