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Google Maps gets new hands-free voice commands

Google Maps hands free voice commands

Google Maps has long had a microphone button so you could give voice commands, but the “OK Google” hotword would trigger the standard Google overlay. Now Google has announced that the “OK Google” hotword triggers hands-free voice commands in Maps itself.

If you want to give it a shot, make sure you’re on the latest version of Google Maps and the Google app. Then hit the three-dot menu button followed by Settings, then “OK Google” detection and enable “OK Google” during navigation.

You can ask things like “When is my ETA?” “How is traffic?” and control your destination by saying “Avoid tolls” and “Show alternate routes.” Commands for texting, calling, and playing music work as normal.

Hands-free voice commands are definitely important, as even a split-second of paying attention to your phone is a lot of distance when it comes to traveling at 70 MPH. Stay safe and talk to your phone.

Source: Google Maps Blog

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