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Google Photos adds new automatic creations, faster sharing


Google Photos has been able to put together movies since its launch, gathering photos and videos that you uploaded at an event or during a trip and then showing them off in a new creation all its own.

The movies are put together automatically, but they’ve been limited in what they could collect. That’s finally changing for the better, as Google has announced that Photos will now start to automatically create movies based on “creative concepts.” That can include a series of photos of family members, like a child growing up, as Google showcased in a new video:

Sharing your photos and videos to your friends is also getting a lot easier. Google Photos has offered sharing to other apps and social networks, but sharing to a person hasn’t been as easy. Now Google Photos’ sharing sheet will show the names of contacts, letting you easily share with individuals.

If the contact you share with is using Google Photos, their app will bring up a notification to let them know that you’ve shared with them. If they don’t use Google Photos, they’ll get a link either via a text message or an email, which they can click and see view what you’ve shared.

The new Google Photos features will be rolling out to Android and iOS as well as the web over the next few weeks.

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Via: Google Blog

Source: Google Photos (Play Store)

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