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President of Samsung Electronics America apologizes for Galaxy Note 7 issues


Through the entire exploding Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has worked to get the devices out of people’s hands. Whether this is through refunds, loaner phones, or the promise of replacements, Samsung has worked hard. And yes, it could have been handled better. Announcing an official recall earlier than they did would have saved people a lot of frustration. But we can’t say Samsung didn’t take it seriously.

Now Tim Baxter, President and COO of Samsung Electronics America, has put out a video apologizing for the Galaxy Note 7 issues and explaining the situation current situation with the device. He goes on to confirm that replacement devices will be available no later than the 21st.

It’s not often that a president of a company comes out and apologizes on video, especially when the company isn’t in serious legal trouble. After all, Samsung’s mistake wasn’t malicious and the recall wasn’t a result of public pressure. Hit the source link to watch the video in full.

Source: Samsung

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