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Project Ara has been suspended by Google, says report

Motorola Project Ara parts

Bad news, Project Ara fans: Google was planning on releasing a Developer Edition of Ara this fall, but it looks like Google’s modular phone effort may be done for.

Google has suspended Project Ara as part of an effort to streamline its hardware plans. That’s according to sources speaking to Reuters, who add that while Google won’t be releasing Project Ara, it may aid other companies in bringing Ara’s modular tech to market, possibly through licensing agreements.

Project Ara was originally announced by Motorola in October 2013 as part of an effort to create a modular phone that’d let you swap panels as they broke or to adapt your phone to your needs. Fast-forward three years and it sounds like the Project Ara’s modular dreams are coming to an end. LG and Motorola currently have modular smartphones on the market, though, so it’s not like modular devices are totally dead. We just won’t see one from Google.

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Source: Reuters

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