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Samsung describes how to identify new Galaxy Note 7 with safe battery


Samsung isn’t giving up on the Galaxy Note 7, even with a huge setback due to a recall. New units are needed for the folks out there who want to stick with the Note 7, and now Samsung has recently announced how owners will be able to tell if their Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with a new, safe battery.

It starts with a green battery indicator. Previously that battery indicator was white, so this is a noticeable change. That indicator will be present in the status bar, the Power Off prompt screen, and on the Always On Display screen.

Samsung will release a software update that will tweak the battery indicator and show the new green icon on the new Galaxy Note 7 units.

Samsung will also make a change to the Galaxy Note 7′s box. There will be a square printed on the label of the packaging to indicate that it’s part the new batch with a safe battery inside.

If those changes aren’t enough, Samsung has a dedicated webpage to check your Galaxy Note 7′s IMEI and let you know you’ve got a safe Galaxy Note 7 or not.

Samsung says that there have been nearly 100 reports of overheating Galaxy Note 7 units in the United States, which includes 26 reports of the Note 7s burning their owners. The recall was certainly impactful for Samsung, but at least the company is moving forward and trying to make changes that will benefit customers, whether they go back to the Galaxy Note 7 or not.

Source: Samsung

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