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Updated: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in 6-year-old’s hands


As two weeks ago, Samsung claimed that there were 35 cases of problems when it comes to the Galaxy Note 7‘s battery. There have been no major injuries until today, where a Note 7 exploded in the hands of a 6-year-old.

The boy was watching videos on the device when it exploded, just in other instances of Note 7 issues. He was rushed to the hospital for burns across his body.

It’s awful that this happened, and just goes to show that the warnings to shut down and stop using the Note 7 might be the best course of action. Lithium ion battery explosions are no joke; they’re violent and dangerous. If you have a Note 7, we urge you to stop using it and contact Samsung as soon as possible.

Update: It looks like the device wasn’t actually a Galaxy Note 7, it was a Galaxy Core Prime. This is unrelated to the Note 7 problems and Samsung is investigating the reason for the explosion.

Thanks, @sttrory, for the update!

Source: NYPost

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