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Samsung issues recall on Galaxy Note 7 following battery explosions


Samsung has announced that it is recalling all Galaxy Note 7 models, outside of those purchased in China, following 35 confirmed battery explosions. Reports began to trickle in about Galaxy Note 7s whose batteries had either exploded or caught fire. Samsung took the initiative to investigate each case and began implementing greater quality control, going so far as to delay shipments of the device. After a thorough investigation, Samsung found a “tiny problem in the manufacturing process” of the batteries from one of its suppliers, which has not been named.

The recall is a significant blow. Samsung was banking on strong sales of the Galaxy Note 7 to combat the Apple’s upcoming iPhone. With this recall, that hope is wiped away as Samsung pulls units off the shelves and arranges a system for customers to trade in their recalled devices for new models.

While the recall affects significant markets such as the U.S. and South Korea, Samsung is fortunate that China remains unaffected. Samsung used a different battery supplier for the Chinese Galaxy Note 7, which has allowed it to escape from the issues of the other batteries.

Samsung has stated that more details on exchanging devices will arrive over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted with further updates.

Via: AP

Source: Samsung

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