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Samsung may choose NVIDIA to supply GPUs for future Exynos chips

Samsung Exynos 7 Processor

Samsung is looking to change things up in its Exynos processor lineup. The company is currently using the ARM Mali line of GPUs in its processors, but it’s now in talks with both NVIDIA and ATI to license their GPUs for a future generation of Exynos chips.

It’s being reported that NVIDIA is being considered for providing GPUs to Samsung. This would mark an interesting return to mobile for a company who pushed its own mobile processors (remember the Tegra chips?) but left the sector due to lack of success. Providing GPUs to Samsung would be a great way to make a comeback, since the Exynos brand of chipsets is already established.

Rumor has it that Samsung will also be adding CDMA support to its chips by September 2017, which would mean that the chip could be used in a future device like the Galaxy S9. This could ease Samsung’s reliance on Snapdragon chipsets and loosen Qualcomm’s monopoly on some regions. And as we all know, more competition is good for everyone.

Source: SamMobile

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