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Samsung rumored to launch Galaxy S8 earlier than expected as device model numbers leak out


With the Samsung Galaxy S8 looming, today we’re getting another dose of news that could excite potential GS8 owners.

According to unnamed sources speaking with SamMobile, the device model numbers and codenames for next year’s Galaxy S8 flagship smartphones have been revealed. The codenames for the handsets are reportedly Dream, and, wait for it, Dream2. If the model numbers are real, then the Dream is SM-G950, while the Dream2 is SM-G955.

The model numbers are interesting because it looks like Samsung will be skipping over the SM-940 model number. If you keep tabs on this sort of thing, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have model numbers SM-G930 and SM-G935, respectively. Skipping the “4″ could be a sign of tetraphobia, the belief that four is a number tied to bad luck.

Now, the potentially really exciting news is that Samsung could be looking to launch the pair of Galaxy S8 variants earlier than some might have initially anticipated. According to analysts, Samsung may be planning on launching the Galaxy S8 models earlier due to the Galaxy Note 7 recall that’s been plaguing the company the last few weeks.

The Galaxy S7 lineup debuted in late February, so we could see the Galaxy S8 as early as late January or the beginning of February, if these reports are true.

Via: Korea Herald

Source: SamMobile

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