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Samsung sets up U.S. Product Exchange Program for recalled Note 7s


Samsung announced earlier that it will be recalling Galaxy Note 7 devices due to a problem with the battery, and it’s now set up a program to help owners in the U.S. exchange their faulty devices for working ones.

Note 7 owners, you have two options. The first is to exchange your Note 7 for another Note 7 without the battery defect. Due to high demand, devices should be available next week. The other option is to exchange for a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, and Samsung will refund the difference along with any Note 7 accessories purchased. No matter which you choose, you’ll be given a $25 gift card or bill credit from your carrier for the inconvenience.

It seems that Samsung is handling the recall surprisingly well. It’s unfortunate that there’s a recall, but manufacturing defects happen. Hopefully this won’t affect Samsung’s reputation too much. If you want to start the process, contact the retailer from which you purchased the device or call 1-800-SAMSUNG.

Source: Samsung

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