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Samsung will reportedly begin selling the Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S. again on October 21


Samsung has been faced with faulty battery issues with the Galaxy Note 7, which ultimately led the company to announce a recall of its flagship phablet and stop sales across the globe. But for folks who still want a Note 7, VentureBeat reports the wait will continue well into October.

Samsung is said to be planning on restarting sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S. on Friday, October 21. Galaxy Note 7 sales are said to be restarting in South Korea before the end of September.

In the United States, the return of the Galaxy Note 7 is tied to carrier launches, so it’s possible that other regions across the globe will have staggered relaunch dates as well. Some places will have to wait longer than others as Samsung confirms batteries are safe as the new models are sent out.

Samsung is also offering ways for Galaxy Note 7 owners to tell if their new phone has the new, safe battery inside. That includes a green battery indicator, a special mark on the packaging, and a dedicated website to check IMEI numbers.

Do you plan on buying a new Galaxy Note 7 next month?

Source: VentureBeat

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