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Snapchat Spectacles allow you to snap through your point of view

Snapchat Spectacles (2)

After a brief flurry of leaks, Snap Inc., formerly Snapchat, has revealed its latest product, Snapchat Spectacles. The product follows in a similar line of wearables to Google Glass, adding a camera to a regular pair of sunglasses. Snapchat Spectacles feature a 115-degree lens that mimics the viewing range of the human eye, essentially capturing the same image that you’re seeing. Each tap of the button records up to ten seconds of video.

The glasses will feature a ring of lights around the camera to indicate when the user is recording. It appears as though videos recorded with Spectacles will be uploaded privately to a user’s account, where there will be a specific area in Memories for users to access and post their videos. The glasses will have a slow rollout with initial limited availability, in an effort for Snapchat to gauge how users are utilizing the product.

Pricing is set at $129.99 and three color options of black, teal and coral will be available.

Snapchat Spectacles (2) Snapchat Spectacles (3) Snapchat Spectacles


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