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T-Mobile upgrading plans for select customers with extra gig or even unlimited data


If you’re a loyal T-Mobile customer and happen to have a bit of luck on your side, the carrier may be throwing some extra data your way to reward you.

People have reported getting texts saying that their plans have been upgraded for free. Those with 2.5GB and 5GB plans are getting an extra gigabyte for free, while those with a 10GB plan are getting bumped up to unlimited data. That last one is quite good.

The plans will automatically switch back to the original plan on February 28 2019 so you’ll get two years from the upgraded plan. The unlimited upgrade will cause you to lose your Data Stash and tethering data amounts won’t change with the data upgrade.

The texts are being sent out from September 7 to September 9 so you might still get it if you haven’t. Let us know if you do!

Via: TmoNews
Source: T-Mobile, (2)

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