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US Consumer Product Safety Commission makes Galaxy Note 7 recall official


Samsung is facing a nightmare with its recall of the Galaxy Note 7, working night and day to keep the situation under control. While the company has handled things remarkably well thus far, it’s still got a long road ahead as it clears up the situation and works to reestablish its name. In the meantime, things have just been elevated to a new level. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has formally recalled the device, on top of Samsung’s own recall.

Per the CPSC, Samsung has received 92 reports of batteries overheating within the US, with 26 injuries and 55 reports of property damage. The agency is essentially telling customers the same thing that Samsung is, which is that customers should immediately power down their devices and follow one of the designated recall routes, such as going to Samsung’s website, calling the toll-free number, or taking it back to the carrier or retail outlet where it was purchased. Any of these routes can provide a replacement device or refund.

What are your thoughts on the recall and Samsung’s handling of it?

Source: US CPSC

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