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Cygnett Chargeup 6,000 mAh portable power bank review

Cygnett 6000 mAh power bank 2

With a market flooded with power banks, it’s hard to differentiate your product from others. But quality matters when it comes to lithium batteries (they’re pretty volatile).


Capacity: 6,000 mAh
USB ports: 2
Output: 2A per port
Dimensions: 127 x 71 x 12mm
Price: $59.99
In box: battery pack, USB cable
Where to buy: Cygnett

The Cygnett power bank is a very nicely designed accessory and is very small and thin. The whole thing is pretty simple, with softly curved edges that are pleasant to hold. The top has a gloss black area with a display on the face.

Cygnett 6000 mAh power bank 4

From the top, you’ll see a microUSB port for charging the power bank, two 2 amp USB ports, and a button turn it on.

Cygnett 6000 mAh power bank 5

The device comes with a short microUSB cable that you can use to both charge the power bank and your phone. Having such a short cable is actually really nice, as you can just hold the battery behind your phone. It’s a great addition, which came as a surprise to me.

There are multiple colors available, though the color of the button and stripe/text are the only things that change. There are also three solid colors to match the color of the current iPhones.

Build quality

The power bank is built extremely well. Most of it is a very pleasant soft touch plastic that doesn’t bend or creak when pushed on. Each corner is very well rounded and comfortable. It feels great. The display is also very nice and bright.


The claimed capacity of this power bank is 6,000 mAh and each port puts out two amps. In my testing, this checks out. The power bank was able to fully charge my phone twice and charged at a quick rate.

Cygnett power bank graph

Both the phone charge rate (Moto X Pure Edition) and the power bank discharge rate remain constant. The device charges at 0.75% a minute, which isn’t bad for a charger without Quick Charge. The claimed capacity is accurate and charged without problems.

The graph shows two sets of data, two separate days without having topped off the power bank. It fully charged my phone twice.

Cygnett 6,000 mAh portable power bank9 / 10

Cygnett 6000 mAh power bank 6

If you’re looking for a premium power bank, Cugnett offers some compelling options (there’s also a 10,000 mAh option for $79.99). The build quality and attention to detail is great and the advertised capacity is accurate (this may not always be the case with cheap batteries). Sure, it’s expensive, but you get a great product for the money.

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