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House of Marley Liberate BT Bluetooth speaker review

House of Marley Liberate BT 2

Cheap Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. They range from the mediocre (or straight up bad) speakers littering Amazon to great ones you can get on a budget. But there are some speakers that are unquestionably premium, and House of Marley is aiming for this segment.


Price: $99.99
Battery: 8 hours
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux
Dimensions: 1.75″ H x 2.90″ W x 8.6″ D
Charging port: microUSB
Where to buy: House of Marley

Build quality

House of Marley Liberate BT 3

This is where the Liberate BT absolutely shines. Really, it’s that good. The front has a metal plate with holes. Behind that is a soft mesh grill. The M logo has an LED underneath.

House of Marley Liberate BT 5

The sides are covered in a rough fabric that looks simply fantastic. House of Marley says it’s 30% hemp, 30% organic cotton, and 40% recycled plastic bottles. The sides also have two rubber flaps covering a microUSB port on one side and an aux port on the other.

House of Marley Liberate BT 4

The back has a slate of bamboo, finishing off a very classy and high end look. Marley is carved into the vivid bamboo.

The speaker is extremely well built, with no creaking or bending.

Sound quality

The speaker definitely gets very loud. And even at loud volumes, it’s fairly clear. Distortion isn’t a big problem at all, and it’s plenty loud (in fact, it’s louder than expected).

Unfortunately, the tone is really off. It’s very biased towards the highs, almost shrill. The speaker also produces very little bass. I’m not alone in these feelings, as people who aren’t into audio even commented that the speaker sounds a little high.

Honestly, the sound isn’t awful by any means. It’s not bad. But it’s not particularly pleasant. This wouldn’t matter outdoors or in a noisy environment (where this speaker excels due to its high volumes), but it definitely matters if you’re focusing on the music.

Battery life

The battery life is pretty solid. At medium volumes, it lasts for around what it’s rated for. 8 hours is definitely a good amount for the price.

House of Marley Liberate BT6 / 10

House of Marley Liberate BT 6

A Bluetooth speaker’s main goal is to be a speaker. No matter how good it looks, it should play music well. And trust me, this speaker doesn’t just feel good; it’s beautiful and it’s built extremely well.

But if it can’t play music cleanly and pleasantly, it’s hard for me to recommend it. Maybe those who are outdoorsy type or don’t care at all about audio will love this speaker. It has good battery life, very loud volumes, and little distortion. It would look good on a shelf and can be thrown in a backpack without worry of damage.

Otherwise, look elsewhere, especially for the price. There are plenty of speakers that sound better for less money. It’s a real shame, I love it otherwise.

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