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Google adds rotation suggestions and more to Photos service


Google Photos is continuously getting better. Google has just announced a few new features that are sure to please those who use the service. The big one is a card that suggests which photos need to be rotated. You can then tap the photos to rotate them right side up. Sideways photos are definitely a pain, so this is a great tool.

Google Photos will also show you “memories” (read: old photos) of people who are in your new photos if your library spans that far back. It shows recent highlights, too, making small groups of similar photos. And lastly, Photos can now automatically make GIFsĀ from the best parts of your videos, which it finds itself.

If you use Google Photos, check the new features out! They’re now available for Android, iOS, and the web, so give them a shot when you have a chance.

Source: Google Blog

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