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HTC is discontinuing its web browser by November 30


OEMs are known to add their own apps to their devices alongside Google’s stock apps. You’ll often find two of each app on devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, or anything that doesn’t run stock Android. It definitely gets annoying, especially when the apps are simply outdated.

HTC is officially discontinuing its web browser, leaving its devices with just the pre-installed Chrome browser. Or Firefox, or Opera, whatever you want to use, which is probably not the HTC browser. The last update for the app adds the ability to transfer your bookmarks to another browser. But on November 30, the app will no longer be available.

Do note that the app will remain on your phone, but without further updates, it probably isn’t a good idea to use. If you’ve been using the HTC browser, start trying out alternatives!

Via: Android Police

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