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LG to discontinue modular design with next year’s G6


Industry sources are reporting that LG Electronics is cancelling its plans for a modular design in the LG G6. The news comes from South Korea’s etnews, which states that it has heard from multiple representatives throughout different industries. LG garnered attention in early 2016 for the introduction of a modular design into its flagship G5 smartphone. However, sales have failed to perform to standards and consumer satisfaction with the device has been low, largely due to high cost and a lack of necessity for modules at this point in time.

While LG has stated that it will pursue a modular design in the future, that comes into question with this report. The company has faced production struggles due to the complexity of a modular design. Combined with weak sales, the situation may have driven the company to revert to more traditional designs.

LG is reportedly looking to add new features to the G6, while using a non-modular design. The company may draw inspiration from its V20 smartphone, which is seeing success in the wake of Samsung’s discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7.

LG is expected to launch the G6 in spring 2017.

Source: etnews

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