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All US Samsung Galaxy Note 7s to get charge limit set to 60%


T-Mobile recently released an update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that limits the phone’s full charge to 60%, along with more frequent pop-ups to return the device, in an effort to get the remaining Note 7s out of customers’ hands. To date, 85% of Note 7s in the US have been returned.

The charge limit isn’t just for T-Mobile models, though, as Samsung has announced that every US Note 7 will get the same update. The company hopes to get people to return the devices to prevent more injuries or property damage. Eighty-five percent returned is a good number, but Samsung believes that the Note 7s shouldn’t be used at all.

If you’re still hanging on to a Note 7, it’ll soon become quite a bit less useful. Please return it for another device, you have plenty of great choices!

Source: Samsung

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