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American Express launches Amex Pay in Canada

Amex Pay

Yet another mobile payment system has emerged, this time in Canada. American Express has launched Amex Pay, an NFC mobile payment system built into the Amex CA app for Android.

This mobile payment system is similar to what Android Pay and Apple Pay offer. You connect your card, tap the phone to a compatible scanner, and you can pay. However, since it’s all American Express, there are a few perks over other services.

Once you link your card, you can pay with the card even if you lose the physical card. When your replacement card arrives, you do not have to add it again as it’s connected via a Device Card Number rather than the physical card info.

If you’re Canadian and have an Amex card, give the app and Amex Pay a shot. If you’re in the US, you can always add your Amex card to Android Pay and use that.

Via: Android Central

Source: American Express

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