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Google Play Music update adds machine learning and contextual tools for music recommendations


Music recommendations for streaming services have grown up quite a bit, and machine learning is looking to help quite a bit more.

Google has officially built machine learning into Play Music, which will now play a key role when it comes to recommending music you might like. It observes more than past listening habits, though, with Play Music tracking your location, activity, and even the weather to recommend your next potentially favorite track.

The new machine learning recommendations are opt-in, so if you want your music streaming experience to change on the fly when you walk into the gym or when you get on the plane. Google calls the new home screen the “personal DJ,” and thanks to the process it should all get better the more the user listens.

There’s one more thing: an automatic offline playlist. Specifically, Google says it will keep an offline playlist with your recently played tracks “at all times.”

The update is now rolling out and is available for Android, the web, and iOS.

Via: Google Blog

Source: Google Play Music (Play Store)

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