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Google upgrades Popular Times to show real-time results

Popular Times Live

When looking up a business, knowing when it’s busy can help determine when you want to swing by. Google wanted to help with that when it rolled out its Popular Times feature last year, and now it’s getting a worthwhile upgrade.

Google has confirmed that it is updating¬†Popular Times to provide real-time information. The new feature is baked right into the current Popular Times card when searching for a business, so it will show how busy the place is right then and there, but you’ll still be able to see when it might not be so busy later in the day. The updated feature also shows how long customers usually stick around.

On top of that, Google will now show dedicated hours for different departments or sections within a particular store. So if your local big box retailer has different sections within it, like a pharmacy, Google will now show the independent hours that section might run on, different from the overall store’s hours.

The rollout for the new Popular Times is probably not a coincidence with Black Friday right around the corner, and the overall uptick in shopping with the holidays about to really kick off.

Do you use the Popular Times feature at all?

Source: Official Google Blog

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