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Lenovo to exclusively sell Moto phones, self-branded phones are no more

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Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola hasn’t gone so well for the company. Sales continue to drop and popularity in China simply isn’t growing. Lenovo is now changing things up in hopes of getting back on track in the mobile department.

The biggest news is that the company will no longer be marketing Lenovo-branded phones, opting instead to only sell Moto-branded phones. With a better known and arguably better trusted name, Lenovo is likely to sell more phones under the Moto branding.

Co-president and senior vice president Xudong Chen will be replaced by Gina Qiao, who was previously senior vice president of human resources. Three new executives have been hired as well. Hopefully a new direction will help the company succeed in the future, and we’re glad to see more effort being put behind the Moto name.

Source: Campaign Asia

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