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LG has sold over 200,000 V20 units in the US

LG V20

LG Electronics today announced that its popular V20 smartphone has surpassed over 200,000 units sold in the US since its launch on October 28. This sales figure is double that of its predecessor, the LG V10, which had a narrower appeal. The news is also of importance considering that sales have likely been higher as a partial result of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall and shutdown, allowing LG an opportunity to snag customers who may have otherwise opted for its competitor’s device.

The LG V20 is in a better situation than its predecessor for a number of reasons. The V20 features a refined design that has greater mass appeal, in addition to offering powerful specs for a mainstream audience, such as a top of the line camera. LG has also launched the device on all four major US carriers, offering wider availability to the US market.

While the future is always unknown, LG looks to be in a good position heading forward with the V20.

Source: LG

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