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Motorola will likely create a Tango Moto Mod for the Moto Z

Lenovo Moto Z

Motorola CEO, Aymar de Lencquesaing, today announced that the company is looking into creating a Tango Moto Mod for the company’s flagship Moto Z smartphone. de Lencquesaing said the following about the compay’s plans:

The tablet folks did a phablet and worked with Google, the Tango team, to come out with a Tango phablet. Going forward, we'll have to address as a group how do we reconcile the products that are at the fringe? We're likely to to have a Tango module to basically enable the Z to have Tango functionality.Aymar de LencquesaingMotorola

Lenovo has become the first manufacturer to create a Tango smartphone for consumers with the Phab 2 Pro. Now that the device has successfully launched, Lenovo is looking for ways to move from that point with Tango. Utilizing its Motorola brand is a natural springboard, bringing the technology within reach of the vast amounts of customers who use Motorola products. With the power of the Moto Mod system, Lenovo can likely integrate Tango technology into a mod for the current flagship, rather than creating an entirely new device.

While this Moto Mod is currently still in the conceptual phase, we expect it to come into being in a short span of time. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of this Mod.

Via: PCMag

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