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Netflix adds offline playback for TV shows and movies


Netflix has been rumored to be launching offline playback for quite awhile now, and today the company finally made it a reality.

Netflix has announced that offline playback is available for its customers for Android and iOS on any streaming plan. There is a brand new download button that will pop up on content that’s available to download so that you can avoid consuming data on road trips or prepare a movie for a long airplane ride. That includes TV shows as well as movies and documentaries.

As it stands, Netflix’s available content for offline viewing is pretty limited, but they will be expanding availability from here on out. Netflix’s first-party shows and movies are available for offline viewing right out of the gate, but there are also some third-party options as well.

It’s a start, at least.

If you want to see what’s available to download, you can select a new option within the updated Netflix app for “Available for Download.” That’ll give you a list of options.

Are you excited for offline viewing in Netflix?

Source: Netflix

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