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Samsung apologizes for Galaxy Note 7 recall with full-page ad in newspapers


Following a pair of global recalls of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung have to focus on repairing its image across the world, especially as it leads up to the future launch of the Galaxy S8.

One way to do that is to apologize, which Samsung have done in the form of a full-page ad in some newspapers. That includes major outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. In the apology letter, Samsung say that they’re working to investigate the root cause of the issue and that when they discover what caused the fiery Note 7s, they’ll release their findings.

Samsung say that they’re working to “earn back your trust” and that safety is their top priority. They adds that they’ll listen to customers and “learn from this” as they move into the future where, hopefully, their smartphones don’t pose a risk to anyone’s safety.

The Galaxy Note 7 was an impressive device, which makes the recall all that more frustrating. Still, Samsung should be able to push forward and distance itself from the fiasco, especially if it can launch another noteworthy device in the Galaxy S8.

Are you already looking forward to Samsung’s next flagship?

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Source: Korea Herald

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