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Samsung France takes Note 7 apology one step further, sends 128GB microSD cards to previous owners


Samsung has apologized and offered refunds and gift cards to all Galaxy Note 7 owners, but apparently that wasn’t enough for some of Samsung’s regional branches.

Samsung France is sending letters with another apology to former Note 7 owners. Inside the letter is a 128GB microSD card, which is a great touch on Samsung’s part. There’s also info on a contest the company is running.

Samsung France is sending 1,000 people to the Samsung Life Changer Park, a virtual reality amusement park in Paris. The contest tasks people with texting Samsung when it starts, and the first 1,000 people to text back win. Samsung will cover the transportation to Paris if you win.

It’s good to see Samsung further making it up to people, as the Note 7 fiasco was a big problem for both customers and the company. Maybe other regional branches will follow suit.

Via: SamMobile

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