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Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature Viv digital personal assistant

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In October, Samsung acquired the Viv Labs, Inc. team, which includes the original creators of Apple’s Siri digital personal assistant. Just what Samsung planned to do with Viv remained a mystery, but thanks to a recent Samsung briefing, we now know when we’ll see Viv show up in a Samsung device.

Samsung will use Viv’s tech to create a digital assistant that’ll debut with the Galaxy S8, and Samsung says that it will allow for developers to “attach and upload services to our agent.” If that sounds familiar to what Apple and Google are doing with their own digital assistants, it should, but obviously Samsung doesn’t want to get left behind in that regard. Working with third-party services is instrumental at this point.

Digital assistants are getting a huge chunk of attention recently, from Google’s new Assistant and the Home device, and Siri’s introduction into macOS. Microsoft has Cortana, and even Amazon has Alexa which started in the Echo device.

Source: Reuters

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