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Flo Smart Thermometer blends technology and health

Flo Smart Thermometer

Hearken back to the days of childhood. You’re at school, you don’t feel well, and so you head to the nurse’s office. Nine times out of 10, one of the first things to happen is the nurse will take your temperature. Depending on the school, the thermometer might vary, but generally it would be an oral or ear thermometer covered by a plastic sheath to prevent transfer of germs.

While accurate, these thermometers are neither pleasant nor efficient. A fever is one of the simplest ways to identify a health issue, yet children hate to have their temperature checked. The thermometers are uncomfortable, and depending on the age or model, may take quite a bit of time to accurately determine the temperature. There are the additional concerns of waste and safety on top of that. Each time a temperature is checked, a new disposable cover is used and then thrown away. As for safety, you simply have to hope that the plastic cover does its job and that contaminants don’t make their way onto the thermometer with a simple cough or sneeze.

Imagine a thermometer that never has to come into contact with the patient. A thermometer that is instant, reliable and beyond simple to use. While such a thermometer may sound like a pipe dream, it’s already in existence, and its name is Flo.

Flo is made by Zeraph and uses infrared and Bluetooth to accomplish its purpose. The device is small and incredibly straightforward, with just a single button and LED indicator. For a quick read, users can simply hold Flo within one inch of the patient’s forehead and the indicator will turn red if the patient has a fever or white if the patient is chilled. If the patient’s temperature is in a normal range, the indicator will turn green.

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More features are unlocked using the accompanying app for Android or iOS. Flo easily connects through Bluetooth and an exact temperature reading is available within the app, along with the ability to log temperatures. Users can create different profiles and easily keep a log of temperatures, which is particularly useful when dealing with a chronic issue. Notes and photos can both be added to track additional symptoms that may have accompanied the changed temperature, allowing users to keep a log of symptoms to help their doctor better diagnose the issue.

Flo is geared at parents. The device is small and unintimidating, placing an emphasis on convenience. The battery life is rated for six months, with an easy-to-replace battery. And while Flo is perfect for parents, it could also be used on a larger scale in schools, daycares and other organizations that could benefit from a fast, hygienic thermometer.

After testing Flo, we found the device to deliver on its promises and work even better than expected. If you want a great blend of technology and health at an affordable price, Flo is your device.

Flo is now available for $49.99.

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