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AT&T announces Call Protect app to help filter spam calls


AT&T is trying to fight spam calls and phishing scams with its new Call Protect app. The app offers features like automatically blocking fraud calls before they ring on your phone. Another feature warns you of suspected spam while the phone is ringing, though this is only available when you’re in an area covered by HD Voice.

Unfortunately, there are already some problems with the service. It’s only available to AT&T customers that are eligible for HD Voice. Also, blocking phone numbers manually only lasts for 30 days, which is a very strange design choice on AT&T’s part. This may explain why the app has 2.1 stars on the Play Store.

If you’re eligible to try it out, hit the source link to give it a shot. But if early reviews to be believed, it may not be the greatest service. You can always use a free alternative on the Play Store!

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