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Bluetooth 5 approved with 4x longer range and 2x faster speeds


Bluetooth continues to improve over the years, and that trend continues with the official approval of Bluetooth 5, which was initially teased earlier this year.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has officially announced the approval of Bluetooth 5. With it, the group says the wireless technology will offer not only faster speeds, but also longer range and more reliable connections between devices. It will also include better interoperability between devices working with other wireless technologies as well.

Compared to the current Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, Bluetooth 5 offers four times longer range and two times faster speeds. The Bluetooth SIG says this means that whole-home and building coverage is a reliable expectation moving forward.

With the Bluetooth 5 protocol being approved, it means that upcoming devices can implement the technology if possible. It also means that the Bluetooth SIG will drop version numbers and the point numbers as it aims to streamline branding.

Source: Bluetooth SIG

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