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Facebook Messenger rolls out group video chat

Facebook Messenger group chat

Video is a big deal for social networks, whether it’s recorded or live streamed, and companies like Facebook want to capitalize on the market in a big way.

One way to do that is to support group video chats, which Facebook Messenger now offers. While one-on-one video calling has been a feature supported by Messenger for some time, the addition for groups to video chat will likely be a welcome addition for heavy Messenger users.

Messenger supports group video chats for up to six people at one time. To get started, users simply need to jump into an existing group chat, or start a new one, and then select the video icon up in the top-right of the conversation. Users can then add users directly, or they can send out a general invite into the group and let five other people join in when they want.

The group chat also supports up to 50 people with text and audio, but as mentioned above, only six people can video chat at the same time.

You need the newest version of Facebook Messenger for group video chat to work. It’s rolling out now for Android, the web, and iOS users.

Via: Facebook Newsroom

Source: Facebook Messenger (Google Play)

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