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Google aims for organization with latest app update

Google HQ

Google has announced that it is now rolling out a new update to its Android app that simplifies and organizes the information on display. Beginning with this update, information is grouped into two sections, one for staying up to date with interests and one for upcoming personal info, such as events and flights.

The feed keeps users in touch with information on topics that they’ve shown interest in. This section encapsulates all of the suggested articles, movie showtimes, and shopping and sports information that previously floated free.


Upcoming creates an agenda for events in the near future. This includes calendar events, estimated travel times, and relevant information for packages, flights, and more.

Users have often taken issue with Google’s all-in-one approach to its stream of cards. With the company taking strides to better group information, the tool should become more useful to those who want relevant information at a glance.

Source: Google Blog

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