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Google’s Trusted Contacts makes it quick and easy to share your location in an emergency

Google Trusted Contacts app

For situations where quickly sharing one’s location is important, Google wants to make it easier to get that done, all with people that you’ve designated to be important to you.

Trusted Contacts is available in the Play Store beginning today. With it, users will be able to quickly learn a contact’s location or share their own.

Trusted Contacts lets users add their friends and family for quick access. Once someone is added, they will be able to request your location from within the app. The app will give you the ability to deny that request if you so desire, but if you don’t respond to the prompt, your location will be shared automatically. Users can send out their location to their trusted contacts, too.

Additionally, the app works based on your stored Google location history, so your phone doesn’t even need to be on for someone to request your location.

Trusted Contacts also makes it possible for a person to see the battery life remaining in your device and see the last time you were active.

The app is opt-in, and you’ll need a device running Android 4.1 or later to use it.

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Source: Play Store (Trusted Contacts)

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