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Huawei Fit fitness wearable review

Huawei Fit

The fitness wearable market is huge, with companies like Fitbit, Garmin, and Jawbone releasing dedicated fitness devices for those looking to get healthier. Huawei is joining the party with the Fit, a smartwatch aimed at fitness.


Huawei Fit 2

The Huawei Fit features a 1.04″ 208×208 monochrome display, an ambient light sensor, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, an 80 mAh battery, and an 18mm silicone band. The display is noteworthy because it’s always on and both backlit and reflective. When in the dark, it’s lit like a regular LCD. When in the sun, it’s reflective and easily read. The brighter the environment, the easier it is to read.

The watch is 9.9mm thick and weighs only 1.23 oz. The band is replaceable with any band of the right size, and the stock band even comes with a quick change switch. The band is also swappable with the Huawei Watch.

Huawei Fit 4

On the back you’ll find a capacitive sensor, a heart rate monitor, and charging pins for the magnetic charger.


This watch is packed with interesting hardware. It can tell when you’re wearing it, it measures heart rate constantly throughout the day,¬†and it has an ambient light sensor to turn the backlight on and off when necessary (a feature sorely missing from some Android Wear watches, including Huawei’s own watch). It also has an accelerometer and gyroscope and the wrist raising gesture to trigger the display works great.

The display may not be a traditional LCD, but it’s so clear and easily read outdoors. It is very well suited for a fitness device, especially since many don’t even feature a high res display.

The device actually doesn’t have any buttons at all. The only button is on the bottom of the magnetic charger that snaps onto the back of the watch. This is what is used to reset it if it ever freezes.

It’s also waterproof, rated at IP68 at up to 5 ATM. It’s meant to be used for swimming so water intrusion shouldn’t be a problem.


The software is a proprietary OS used on Huawei’s previous Honor Band Zero, although it’s been hugely improved. Navigating it is similar to Android Wear, where you swipe up and down between different sections. Tapping or swiping left will bring you to that section’s sub-menu.

Huawei Fit 3

The workout button under the main watchface has five options for quick workouts: run, walk, cycle, treadmill, and swim. The swim function is currently limited but will be updated in early 2017

Other sections are a display for steps, heart rate (with a day-wide graph when pressed), notifications, and settings. You have a choice of six watch faces, with the main one having a quick start button and showing fitness info. The others have less info but look more traditional.

Overall, the operating system is very functional. The animations aren’t very smooth (the Band Zero’s animations were smooth) but that might be due to the display.

On the phone side, the software used to interact with the watch is called Huawei Wear. The main screen shows your step and distance info, your exercise times throughout the week, heart rate data, sleep data, and a section for creating a workout plan. Pressing on any of these displays will give you more info.

The workout plan feature is touted by Huawei and will allow you to make a workout plan for various running distances (5km, 10km, 13.1 miles, and 26.2 miles). This will give you a goal to work towards that will grow as time goes on.

The app itself is a bit stuttery but very functional. The animations aren’t always smooth in comparison to other apps. It has also crashed a few times, but updates seem to have fixed this.

A nice touch is that there’s a link to the user manual for the device when you first connect it.


This wearable weighs practically nothing and its strap is soft silicone. It’s incredibly comfortable and wearing it every day is no issue at all.

Build quality

The body is aluminum and is made very well. The glass on the front doesn’t scratch easily during daily use. The band is of high quality and is easily replaced if it is damaged.

The only issue with the build quality is that the aluminum is quite soft. When it scuffs, you can see raw aluminum underneath, which is common with powdercoated finishes. It could stand to be a little more durable.

Battery life

Despite the backlit display and the tiny 80 mAh battery, this watch is advertised with a 6 day battery life with constant heart rate monitoring enabled. In my testing, this is exactly what I consistently got. Not having to charge it daily is a big plus, especially since it tracks your sleeping habits and can be worn at night.

The charger is easy to use and snaps on. It’s not particularly finicky like other magnetic chargers and centers itself every time. It can fully charge the watch in under one and a half hours.

Huawei Fit9 / 10

Huawei Fit 5

The Huawei Fit is a very competent fitness tracker. It may not have the best companion app on the market, but it has the hardware down. With a nice display, amazing battery life, and a comfortable design, it’s definitely a winner in my book.

You can pick one of these up on Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers for $129.99.

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