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LG G6 render leaked, device may be released a month earlier than G5


The LG G5 wasn’t a shining success like LG had hoped it would be, and the modular features weren’t too well received. With only a few pricey modules, many didn’t see a point. That has left many to wonder if the modules will carry over to the LG G6.

LG G6 render leak

According to a leaked render, the upcoming G6 might not look so different from the G5.While the inclusion of a modular aspect is unknown, the device looks very similar. We’ll have to wait until real photos are leaked to give a verdict though.

LG is also rumored to launch the G6 earlier than previous flagship launches. While the G5 launched late March, LG wants to get the G6 out a month early to get a leg up on the competition and increase sales volume before the other flagships launch.

Via: Android Authority
Source: Facebook: Shai Mizrachi, ETNews

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