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Nokia is suing Apple in the U.S. and Germany over alleged patent infringements


Apple and Nokia have been in talks for quite some time, specifically about Apple licensing certain Nokia technologies and the associated licensing fees. However, it appears those talks have fallen through, as Nokia has moved forward with litigation against Apple.

Nokia has announced that it is suing Apple in both the United States (in the Eastern District of Texas) and Germany (in Munich, Dusseldorf, and Mannheim), over 32 patents. Those patents cover a variety of technology, including displays, software, chipsets, video coding, antennas, and more.

“Through our sustained investment in research and development, Nokia has created or contributed to many of the fundamental technologies used in today’s mobile devices, including Apple products,” said Ilkka Rahnasto, Nokia’s head of Patent Business. “After several years of negotiations trying to reach agreement to cover Apple’s use of these patents, we are now taking action to defend our rights.”

On the other side of the coin, Apple has also filed a complaint against Nokia. The Cupertino-based company says that following Nokia’s failed attempts at making mobile devices, the company took an aggressive stance against on FRAND, or the fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory licensing for its standard-essential patents. At the same time, Apple asserts that Nokia has worked with patent assertion entities (PAEs) to move forward with patent infringement lawsuits, as well as royalty demands, all in efforts to get around its FRAND terms.

It isn’t a secret that Nokia has a treasure trove of patents, and while it may not be the dominant force in the mobile market anymore, those patents count for a lot.

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