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Pandora Premium launches in early 2017 for $10 per month


Streaming music is a crowded market these days, and one of the longest-running services in the race is getting ready to launch a new offering.

Pandora‘s premium streaming service will aptly be titled Pandora Premium, and it will launch in early 2017. Pandora Premium will feature many of the standard features that other services already boast, including customizable playlists, offline playback, and access to millions of songs from a wide range of artists.

Unsurprisingly, Pandora is also placing a major focus on personalized experiences. That includes a section for browsing music that will be tailored to the user and will get better at recommendations the more the user listens to music. The search function will also offer up tailored picks based on listening habits, showing what the service believes fits the individual’s tastes.

Pandora’s thumbs up and thumbs down feature will be present in Pandora Premium as well. A playlist with all of a user’s thumbed up any songs will be available.

Other features include AutoPlay, which will automatically launch customized radio stations based on a playlist or album the user has just finished listening to. Smart playlists will allow users to quickly add songs with just a single tap.

As mentioned above, Pandora Premium is expected to launch in 2017, and it will cost $10 per month. There’s no word on a family plan just yet or if there will be a free trial, but if either one of those things are being planned, we should hear about them closer to launch.

How do you think Pandora Premium sounds compared to the competition?

Source: The Verge

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