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Project Fi’s Travel Trolley is a brilliant marketing ploy


Google’s cell network, Project Fi, is unique in a number of different respects, so it’s fitting that Google would use unconventional means to advertise the network. In an opportune time to catch holiday traffic, Google has placed a Project Fi Travel Trolley in the San Jose Airport. This Travel Trolley is a vending machine filled with free travel items for Project Fi customers.

Project Fi Travel Trolley

To utilize the feature, users enter a special code into the dialer and place the call. This generates a unique QR code on the device’s screen, which can then be scanned by the Travel Trolley. From there, users choose their item and the machine gives it to them at no cost. The machine┬ácan be used once every 24 hours, and the current Travel Trolley is located in Terminal B of the San Jose Airport, across from Gate 25.

Guerilla marketing tactics can prove to be very effective, both with current and potential customers. By offering freebies to customers just for being customers, Google is entering the same realm as T-Mobile, which has found great success in offering bonus value to customers. Though Project Fi remains limited in its device selection, it’s going to be intriguing to see how the service expands and grows.

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Source: Google

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