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Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly launch in April 2017


Samsung Electronics will release its 2017 flagship, the Galaxy S8, at a dedicated event in April 2017, according to new reports. This event will take place in New York City and will be the launchpad for the new flagship, rather than previous rumors pointing to a launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The move is designed to allow Samsung more time to rebuild customer trust through a number of different tactics, including working with external agencies on new campaigns and initiatives. Samsung has faced a tough new market after its shutdown and recall of the Galaxy Note 7 line. Though customer loyalty has been higher than expected, work remains to be done.

As part of the launch plans, Samsung is said to be doubling down on security regarding the development of the Galaxy S8. The company is looking to minimize leaks and maintain control of the spin once the device is officially announced. Samsung has made efforts in previous years to reduce pre-release information spreading about, though the efforts have faced varying levels of success.

Samsung has yet to confirm the April launch, though with the company’s efforts to rebuild brand trust, it may take time to see any promotions for the Galaxy S8.

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