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T-Mobile Digits enables one number across multiple devices

T-Mobile Digits

T-Mobile today announced that is beginning a limited beta of a program called Digits, which allows customers to use one number across multiple connected devices. This roster of devices includes phones, tablets, wearables and personal computers, though T-Mobile says that Digits will work on most Internet-connected devices. Customers can call, text, and access voicemail and call history on any device.

Additionally, Digits adds the ability to store multiple numbers on a single device. A major boon for business customers, Digits eliminates the need to carry two devices for a work and personal number.

Digits functions by eliminating the traditional system of pairing a single number with a SIM card. With Digits, the number is paired to the customer’s account rather than the SIM card. By linking customers with numbers rather than linking SIM cards with numbers, Digits allows the number to work on any device that the customer is signed in to. It also allows customers to sign into a single device with multiple numbers.

T-Mobile has worked with Samsung to natively integrate Digits functionality into the Note 5, Galaxy S6, and later products. T-Mobile has stated that it is working with other hardware manufacturers to implement support for Digits in other devices. For those without native functionality, Digits can be enabled through an app on iOS or Android, and is accessible through a browser on PC and Mac computers.

In this early stage, T-Mobile is testing Digits through a limited beta. Customers can register for the Digits beta online and the T-Mobile support team will assist them in getting started with the program. T-Mobile will collect feedback and use it to prepare for a commercial launch in early 2017.

Find out more information from T-Mobile at the source link below.

Source: T-Mobile

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