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Wynn Las Vegas hotel announces Amazon Echo in every room this summer

The Wynn Las Vegas hotel has announced that it will be putting an Amazon Echo into each of its 4,748 hotel rooms. The device will be used for many functions, including drawing the curtains, controlling lights, and changing temperature.

Functions like listening to music and buying from Amazon will not be supported, as those are tied to a personal account. As time goes on, though, the hotel will roll out more and more features as they are tested. Alexa will become a smarter and smarter hotel butler.

While this is an exciting and brilliant idea, privacy is a serious concern. Having an always-listening device in your hotel room that collects data (the Alexa app saves a history of all your commands) may be an issue for many. Does the hotel wipe data between guests? Does it have access to the data? It’s something to consider, and you may want to consider turning off the Echo if you stay there. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: The Verge

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