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MicFlip V2 reversible microUSB cable review

MicFlip cable V2 3

We previously reviewed the MicFlip reversible microUSB cable, and it performed great. A reversible microUSB plug was a huge convenience for a port that stuck around a little too long.

The new version of the cable uses the same winning formula and takes it a little further. The cable is now 6 feet long rather than 3 feet and features a reversible Type-A plug, making both sides reversible.

MicFlip cable V2 2

The new Type-A plug features a thin board inside to make contact in both directions. It has a bit of play so it can move up and down depending on orientation, but I don’t see this constant movement being a problem since it’s so small (and absolutely necessary to function).

You still get the nylon braiding, which feels great while remaining thin and flexible. The plugs are still housed in metal, the connectors are still gold, and the cable is still extremely well made.

The only issue is price. The cable is $20, which is pretty expensive compared to the generic cables found online. This is expected, but high quality cables are generally pricey. So yes, you can get a cable like this cheaper.

Having a reversible USB cable is a much nicer luxury than expected. You don’t have to check the orientation of your cable every single time, and you don’t have to fumble turning the cable around once (or twice, which is embarrassing). It’s definitely a great idea, which is why so many manufacturers are finally taking advantage of it.

MicFlip cable V2 1

On that topic, the reversible USB Type-C port is becoming more and more popular on smartphones. However, most accessories are still microUSB and likely will be for a while. It’s definitely not a bad time to pick one of these up. They’re available on Winnergear’s website.

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