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Camera comparison: Google Pixel vs Moto Z Force Droid w/ Hasselblad True Zoom

Moto Z Droid Force (Resized)

Photography has become an essential part of the way in which humans use smartphones. Our mobile phones have grown to take the place of dedicated cameras and have introduced new ways of capturing and sharing our lives. Whether the shot is set to be deleted after six seconds or shared permanently, the quality matters.

Manufacturers are pulling out all of the stops for mobile photography and with the help of Verizon, we decided to pit two hot Android flagships against one another. Google boasts that the Pixel has the highest rated smartphone camera ever, with a record-breaking DxOMark Mobile score of 89. Motorola is using its innovative Moto Mod system to open up new possibilities for the camera. Pairing the Moto Z Force Droid with Hasselblad’s True Zoom Mod makes for a powerful camera indeed.

Take a look through each device’s respective Flickr album below before we move on to our conclusions from testing.

Google Pixel Sample Images

Moto Z Force Droid w/ Hasselblad True Zoom Sample Images

Though both devices excel, we have to hand it to the Google Pixel. The device truly captures stunning photos in any situation. All sample photos in our testing are raw and unedited, and even in challenging lighting situations, the Pixel offers excellent contrast, color balance, and sharpness. More over, its results are typically more natural looking, as the Moto Z Force Droid has a tendency to exaggerate certain colors tones, such as magentas and blues.

That being said, the Moto Z Force Droid has two key advantages with the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod. The first is zoom. While the Pixel relies on short, grainy digital zoom, the True Zoom Mod givesĀ users up to 10x optical zoom. The second advantage is in flash. Though the Pixel’s LED flash produces a natural light, the xenon flash found in the True Zoom Mod is far more powerful, flooding an area with light.

In terms of speed, both devices are quick to start, focus and capture. The Moto Z Force holds a slight advantage, only due to the design of the True Zoom Mod, which includes a dedicated camera start button. The Mod also includes a camera grip and a traditional physical shutter button, which is a tad more comfortable to use than the volume button or an on-screen shutter button of the Pixel.

At the end of the day, the Google Pixel wins out. The device produces photos that are technically great and pleasing to the eye, while still remaining true to life. Though the Moto Z Force Droid offers greater zoom, a brighter flash, and improved ergonomics, it does so with the cost of extra bulk and a high price, while still falling short of the photos produced by the Pixel.

Sorry Motorola, but the Pixel wins this camera comparison.

Special thanks to Verizon for providing both devices for this camera comparison. Check out the Google Pixel and Moto Z Force Droid from Verizon now, and keep an eye out for great deals!

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