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AirTV Player is a new 4K Android TV streaming set-top box


Set-top boxes aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so making them better is all that’s left to do. The Dish-owned AirTV is one company that feels like it has a solid attempt at that.

The AirTV Player is a brand new 4K set-top box with Android TV on board. While Android TV is there under the hood, the device also includes the Sling TV over-the-top video service, and there are apps from Google Play built in as well. That means there should be a variety of different options for those who want to consume content.

AirTV is highlighting Netflix and YouTube, but the company is also noting that there are a variety of different apps that can be installed from Google Play. If those sources have 4K video content, AirTV Player owners will be able to watch them at their full resolution.

The AirTV set-top box also includes a Bluetooth-equipped remote with support for voice commands. There are dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, and Sling and support for connecting to a TV and audio systems via infrared.

The other key feature of the AirTV Player is the ability to connect an antenna into the box itself, with the channels accessed that way integrated right into the Sling TV overlay.

There are options to choose from. The set-top box with the OTA adapter kit, which provides access to that antenna connector, is $129.99. There is a $99.99 option, which includes only internet TV services. AirTV will sell a $39.99 adapter separately, though, if you go with the internet-only option initially but then later want the OTA add-on.

Source: AirTV (Business Wire)

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