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AT&T is raising grandfathered unlimited data plan price


AT&T has done away with unlimited data plans for the most part, but grandfathered plans still exist for those who have clung to them. Unfortunately, the big blue carrier is making those plans more expensive.

AT&T has quietly announced that it will hike the price of grandfathered unlimited data plans by $5 per month. The change will go into effect beginning in March of this year, and it will bring the cost of the plans to $40 per month. AT&T did this same thing back in February of 2016.

AT&T says that the folks who have a grandfathered plan but don’t want to pay for the price increase can cancel their plan within 60 days of the price hike appearing on their bill and AT&T will waive their early termination fee.

Do you still have an unlimited data plan from AT&T? If so, will you keep it with another price hike on the way?

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Source: AT&T

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