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HTC cutting down on new smartphones in 2017


Today, HTC announced its new flagship, the U Ultra, along with its more modest brother, the U Play. The move came as a surprise, as many expected HTC to hold off on a new flagship until closer to mid-year. But according to Engadget, which spoke with HTC’s Chialin Chang, the company is scaling down on its smartphone releases in 2017. This year, HTC will only introduce six or seven new smartphones.

In 2016, HTC released nearly twice that number of smartphones. By cutting back, the company is focusing on the features that its smartphones will offer. This is evident with the new U smartphones, which have been crafted with close detail and showcase HTC’s new Sense Companion. Sense Companion is a virtual assistant that uses machine learning to cater the phone’s offerings to the user, such as suggesting that the user wear a coat before leaving for work.

It may yet be that HTC will release one more flagship this year, as well as a couple of mid-range devices, to cater to the market that it still holds some share of. We’ll have to wait and see what the year holds, but we could see some of HTC’s best smartphones in 2017.

Source: Engadget

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